Our Mission

Logical Designs is committed to providing the highest performance neural network solutions available to business and industry, with products that are easy to use and reliable.


About Logical Designs 

Logical Designs Inc. was founded in 1985 as a software consulting company, applying Neural Network technology to practical business applications.  In 1993, Logical Designs began delivering shrink-wrapped neural network applications.  This product was a DOS based application that made the advanced neural network methods used in the consulting work available to the public.

In 1994, Logical Designs introduced THINKS, a Windows application that provided high performance neural network solutions for use in real world business problems.  The industry standard field-proven algorithms provided were the best performing methods available.

Logical Designs recognized the need to allow analysts to deploy the developed neural networks in dedicated applications.  The ThinksPro toolkit, released in 1996, provided better visualization tools, more algorithms and Dynamic Link Libraries so that the trained networks could be embedded in custom applications.  ThinksPro was also the first environment to allow true reinforcement learning within user defined models. 

Currently, Logical Designs provides "leading edge" proprietary neural network technology as well as the best performing non-proprietary techniques available.  With the release of ThinksPro32 in 1999, a complete Windows compliant application development environment, neural network technology can be developed and deployed in applications ranging from controllers to mainframes.

Logical Designs provides applications consulting, custom development (both hardware and software), and neural networks applications training and seminars.  

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